EMERES Awarded NG9-1-1 Telephone System Project for Urgences-santé in Montreal

Montreal, QC - EMERES, Inc., headquartered in Montreal, has been awarded the project for the Acquisition of an NG9-1-1 Telephone System for Urgences-santé, a public organization that provides pre-hospital emergency services to a population of nearly 2.5 million people in a territory of 744 square kilometers in Montréal and Laval, Canada. Urgences-santé has 110 emergency medical dispatchers and 1000 EMTs handling over 300,000 calls, 250,000 responses, and 200,000 transports annually.

EMERES was previously awarded the contract for Urgences-santé's next-generation Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) project. With this new award, EMERES will now provide a turnkey, fully integrated, NG9-1-1 Telephony and CAD solution, consolidating workstation hardware and streamlining workflows for users. The overall solution will include EMERES' Strata CAD and Softphone paired with a NG9-1-1 compliant IP communications platform provided by MicroAutomation and Eventide's NexLog recording solution.

MicroAutomation services and supports Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and emergency call center solutions for the U.S. military, airports, local governments, and federal municipalities, both nationally and internationally. MicroAutomation is an active participant in NENA, helping to define standards for the NG9-1-1 i3 architecture.

“We are tremendously excited to expand our relationship with Urgences-santé through the NG9-1-1 Telephony award,” said Albert Israel, EMERES CEO. “Agencies are recognizing the benefits of deeply integrated CAD and communications solutions to facilitate establishing context sensitive multimedia communications with citizens and first responders throughout the incident management process. As a Montreal-based company, it's meaningful to see our solutions protecting citizens in our own backyard, and we look forward to a long and successful relationship with Urgences-santé.”

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