EMERES offers a world class, emergency call handling and dispatch solution designed to meet the needs of 9-1-1 multi-agency services as well as single Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS agencies worldwide. The product offering is in constant evolution to incorporate innovative customer driven demands, industry best practices and Public Safety standards.

The solution is currently in use by agencies serving countries, states, counties, cities, small municipalities, designed to handle the diverse needs of customers anywhere in the world, in the country’s native language. 

The solution’s fault tolerant architecture and survivability features make it ideal for Cloud based and multi-site implementations. On premise solutions are available on a traditional license and services purchase basis. Cloud solutions are offered on a subscription basis.

EMERES solutions help agencies achieve emergency response objectives established by NFPA, the National Fire Protection Association. NFPA’s mission is to reduce the worldwide burden of fire and other hazards on the quality of life by providing and advocating scientifically-based consensus codes and standards. With over 65,000 members worldwide,  NFPA has established goals for emergency response agencies in order to minimize risk on life and property.



Call answer time –

95% of calls in 15 seconds, 99% in 40 seconds.

Call processing time, from answer to dispatch of resources –

90% in 60 seconds, 99% in 90 seconds

Call transfer to another agency, from answer to transfer –

95% in 30 seconds

Citizen Apps


Citizen Apps allow voice calls and text messaging to emergency agencies with the added benefit of automatically providing calling party and location information to emergency call takers when the call or text is answered.

This solution is ideal in countries where the wireline and wireless telephone companies have not yet adopted NENA standards to deliver automatic location identification (ALI) and FCC Wireless Phase I & II location information to the emergency agency. By requiring that the citizen register to use the App, citizens are less likely to contact the emergency service for malicious reasons. Managing malicious calls is essential to achieve call answer time objectives. These Apps also increase information exchange between citizens and agencies allowing citizens to share multi-media information with the emergency agency and allowing the emergency agency to broadcast event information to citizens when appropriate.


The Softphone


The Softphone module seamlessly integrates with leading call center solutions, diverse text/multi-media messaging feeds from citizens and various automatic calling party and location identification solutions (including the Citizen App) in order to present the call taker with a user interface designed to process incoming calls properly and efficiently.

Call takers can quickly transfer calls to other agents or other agencies when the situation demands it. Calling party number, identification and location information is transferred automatically to the Call Handling module in order to reduce call processing time, minimize manual entry of information and reduce human error.

Call Handling


The Call Handling module offers a consistent methodology to process incoming emergency calls and a simple means to classify non-emergency calls. The Call Handling module helps the call taker to rapidly identify the nature and location of the emergency, avoid duplicating events, and automatically determines the appropriate agencies that must respond to the emergency as well as the specific dispatchers responsible to handle the geographical area where the emergency is located. All the information captured by the 9-1-1 call taker is automatically available to any other call taker, dispatcher and emergency responders assigned to the CAD event in order to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the agency’s response to the call for service. When the call taker is unable to determine the location of a cellular caller by any other means, the Call Handling module allows the call taker to send an SMS message to the caller in order to allow the Citizen to trigger sending his/her GPS coordinates to the call taker.

For emergency medical dispatch applications, the Call Handling module tightly integrates with International standard (IAED) based Emergency Medical Dispatch protocols in order to guide call takers to obtain essential information from the caller as quickly as possible and to provide patient care instructions until help arrives on scene. 

Dispatch module


The Dispatch module allows dispatchers to manage the response to the CAD event as well as the safety of responding personnel; the resource recommendation function automatically recommends the appropriate resources for the event based on agency, event type, event location, resource type, the specific resources’ proximity to the event and several other optional criteria. The dispatcher can instantly and efficiently notify the resources of a dispatch via data communications between the CAD system and the resource’s mobile application. Essential event information including hazards are shared between all response participants until the event is closed and disposed.

Mobile applications


The Mobile applications, available on Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone platforms, allow dispatchers and first responders to exchange event information, share the resource’s AVL position with the CAD system, efficiently and precisely capture in-route, on-scene and other resource status times and support chat messaging between agency personnel.

GIS server

& MAP viewer


The GIS server and MAP viewer technology that is fully integrated with all components of the solution is OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standards compliant, an international consortium committed to making quality open standards for the global geospatial community to facilitate interoperability between different data sources and systems. The system supports diverse GIS data sources including ESRI shapefile, ESRI geodatabase, Google MAPs, BING MAPs, OpenStreetMap and Raster images such as satellite and aerial photographs. By supporting open standard Web Map Service (WMS) tiling protocol, agency GIS data and 3rd party GIS data can be shared over the Internet and viewed on desktop machines as well as small footprint devices such as Tablets and Smartphones.

Reporting tools


Reporting tools provide comprehensive statistics on 9-1-1 calls, CAD events, agents and resources in order to measure the agency’s performance against call answer, call processing and response objectives as well as to determine what factors can contribute most to improve the agency’s performance. Detailed reports and modification logs are available for audit and chain of custody purposes. Historical events can be visualized on heat maps to identify potential patterns. Integration with leading BIG DATA / Business Intelligence tools is also supported.

Real Time Monitoring Apps

Real Time Monitoring Apps on Tablets allow Agency Directors and Communication Managers to oversee agency performance and react to threshold alerts.


The system integrates to communication systems, external databases, video management systems, other information systems and sensor/alarm feeds in order to maximize productivity and information flow between agency systems, external information feeds and other collaborating agencies.



EMERES is committed exclusively to developing innovative Public Safety solutions, supporting its customers through a rapid and successful implementation and providing 24×7 support throughout the partnership thereafter.

The company offers fully integrated solutions that meet the needs of agencies of all sizes and types; multi-agency 9-1-1 centers, single agency police, fire and EMS agencies, from small municipalities to country wide systems.

The solutions are currently in use in over 80 public-safety answering points (PSAPs) and over one thousand agencies worldwide. The solutions are offered in any language with active agencies in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

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